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For too long Pagans wishing to be wed had very few options: Get married by a Christian minister, or by a secular officiant such as a Justice of the Peace. We think you deserve better. We think you deserve to have your wedding officiated by professionals who understand you and the special magic you want to bring to your wedding ceremony. We think you shouldn't have to feel like you have to hide who you are and what you believe because of who your officiant is. Our legally ordained Pagan officiants can perform both traditional year-and-a-day style handfastings and wedding ceremonies along with vow renewals, elopements, and commitment ceremonies.

 Still in the broom closet? Planning an interfaith wedding? No problem. Our sensitive clergy can perform services on a spectrum from one with subtle Pagan undertones that avoid raising the ire of Great Aunt Edna, to an all-out Pagan celebration of the special bond you share. We play well with others, so interfaith weddings with more than one clergyperson are no problem.

Your officiant should care as much about the energy and magic of your special day as you do. Why settle for anything less?

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